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QBT Workshop

Class Locations are in South Orange County and North Orange County

Subscription Plans

QB Basics


Beginners and Refresher Course

QuickBooks Basics

• Setting up QuickBooks
• Working with Lists
• Editing Chart of Accounts
• Understanding your Registers
• Understanding Balance Sheet Accounts
• Reconciling Checking and Creditcard Accounts
• Entering Invoices and receiving  payments
• Entering and Paying bills and writing checks
• Setting Protected Access levels for employees

QB Advanced


QB Advance



• Analyzing Financial Data
• Understanding Inventory
• Overview of QuickBooks payroll
• How to setup a scheduled payroll
• Payroll Liabilites
• Sales Tax Reports
• Customizing Forms & Writing Letters
• Creating Budgets
• Create, Edit & Verifiction Reports to increase Accuracy

QB Condensed


Semi-Private 1/2 Day

Executive Workshop


• A small class with no more than 7 students.
• We bring together different business types and have an intensecustomized training.
• Combo of Day 1 and Day 2 with topics geared toward what the attendee wants