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What is the Best Version of QuickBooks to Purchase?


That is a question that really should be researched thoroughly.   We discuss this in our QuickBooks Hands on Training Classes.  I find clients that go over-kill on their QuickBooks.  They don’t really use it the way it was meant to.  It would be like buying a Ferrari and only going 50 miles per hour!!


QuickBooks offers five different types of versions.  You will learn more when you take our Hands on Training QuickBooks classes.

QuickBooks Online:  Software in the cloud.  You don’t need software loaded on your computer.  Your QuickBooks are always at your fingertips, as long as you have internet connection. There are also apps that you can access it on your smart phone and tablet.  Very convenient but does have limitations.  You will learn more in our QuickBooks Hands on Training in Orange County California.


QuickBooks for Mac:  Just as the name implies, It is for someone who has a Mac desktop or laptop.  It is not as robust as QuickBooks for PC’s but the last few years they have narrowed the gap.  You can find out more in our QuickBooks Condensed Executive Workshop Hands-on Training.


QuickBooks Pro:  QuickBooks Pro is what most small business needs to accomplish. This is the software we use to teach our QB Basics (QuickBooks Basics).  It is perfect for keeping your books current and creating robust reports that your Tax CPA would love.  You can find out more if you register for our QB Basics hands on Training.


QuickBooks Premier: QuickBooks Premier has more bells and whistles to help run your business than QuickBooks Pro.  You will find E-Invoicing, Snapshots of your Business and Industry specific reports.  We teach QuickBooks Premier in our QuickBooks Advance and QuickBooks Semi-Private Executive Workshop.  All of our Workshops are hands on training.  We teach QuickBooks from laptops.  We keep our classes small so you benefit the most.


QuickBooks Enterprise:  Not very small business owners should be using this one, but yet I see this happen all the time.  I think this is where QuickBooks or other QB Partnes upsell and make more money in their pockets.  Intuit has changed the way they charge and this is so expensive.  It does keep track of more Customers/Vendors/Inventory/Items but only if you have over Fifty-Thousand to keep track of.  Wow, I would love to have over One Thousand customers to keep track of.  You get the picture, take our QuickBooks Semi-Private Executive Workshop if you have need for this.  I guarantee you I can save you money if you come to our Hands-On QuickBooks Training Workshop and QuickBooks Classes in Orange County California.